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About Iris Fanning
After graduating from Coach University, a two year accredited coaching program, Iris launched her business in 2000. Coaching people to be their best for the past 19 years. Additionally, Iris earned a Masters in Psychology, Counseling and Guidance with a focus in growth psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She counseled for over 20 years, always focusing on strengths, change process, motivation, career development and life balance. Also, she's written and published 3 books, hosts an online radio show and has been interviewed on national radio shows.

Iris Specializes in Clients Who:

*Want to further their career
* Know what they want but don’t know how to get there 
* Improve their communication and interpersonal skills in the work place 
* Become an exceptional boss 
* Desire a greater work/life balance 
* Are looking to change careers 
* Want to find or enrich the love of their life 
* Are in the midst of personal and career transition.

Why Hire Iris even if we don't live in the same area?

1) Save Time - no long commute to get to and from my office. 
2) Convenience - Even when you travel for business you can keep your coaching appointment by phone. 
3) Expertise - My training, experience and expertise may not be available in your city.

Call Me NOW to schedule your free coaching session! Change is easier and more fun than you believe!

Iris Fanning, Life & Business Coach
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