Iris Fanning, MA, LPCC, Life & Business Coach

Success Stories
"Iris, I was getting such poor work evaluations in the area of interpersonal communication and team building. I kept being told I was really good at accomplishing things, but promotions alluded me. Your coaching focused on my interpersonal skills, communication skills and team building. Within a brief 6 months my upcoming annual review reflected the fact that my corporation now sees me as a leader! The current president has a 12 month exit strategy to retire and I have been told by the Board President & President that I am being discussed as a possible candidate for the Presidency! You know that this has been my secret goal. I am amazed that these skills can be de-coded, taught, practiced and learned. I am better at work and more comfortable in my own skin. Thank You! M.K. Corporate VP, Update: Current President 

"I really appreciate your help in becoming focused and motivated to both find a job and continue my training. I tend to be all over the place, really scattered and not focused. Your coaching really got me on track with: setting a goal of applying for 7 jobs a week; where to find good open active job leads; making my resume 'pop'; honing my interviewing skills; looking at my personal love life and being accepted to an online university. I am now employed in a good transition job that I enjoy, I'm enjoying my college classes and I've found an interesting woman who I enjoy. You helped me take a good look at myself and make some important changes so that I am moving forward successfully." H.H. Lawyer, Single Father

"I have improved my company’s customer service and created a plan to increase return customers and referrals. This has made my work more effortless. I also looked at my core values and re-focused how I spend my time. Coaching with you has been a very valuable tool in my business and personal life not to mention thought provoking and fun! I intend on coming back, periodically, to make sure I’m on track and creating the life I love.” J.H.. Small Business Owner Florida

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"I have a small business that I have been working to grow and at times it has been a real struggle to believe in myself. Iris helped me to get clarity about what I needed to do and stay motivated about working towards achieving it, even if it was just one small piece every week. We outlined long term and short term business goals and steps I needed to take to make them happen. Iris helped me get through a slump and my business is better than ever, growing, and I am so happy with where I am today. Thanks Iris!"

Angela Hayes, Life Coach