Iris Fanning, MA, LPCC, Life & Business Coach

Make Money with Your Creative Passion Group Coaching
​I have coached so many creative, talented people to earn money with their creative passion. Being a solo business owner can be a pretty isolating road. Another thing I’ve coached through with my creative clients is that they often don’t follow routines and get stuck with great ideas in their head, but fear/inertia takes over and they don’t produce.  

Exciting Group Coaching with Like Minded People
That’s exactly why I’ve developed a targeted coaching group for people who want to make money with their creative passion. I’ve created tools, strategies and exercises to get and keep you primed to create!

Additionally, we’ll look at business plans to keep you profitable. I have ways of moving you past fear or inertia to sustaining the flow to achieve what you want. I have also found with my “creatives” that the support of like-minded people who “get” you is invaluable to achieving what you want. 

​Today I’d like to offer you a group coaching opportunity targeted exactly with you in mind. We will meet via the phone for weekly hour long coaching calls. There is a 3 month minimum commitment. Many of you will want to continue for a year as you experience the success this powerful group can offer. This exciting opportunity is designed to keep you headed confidently to making money with your creative passion. Enroll now for only $150/month.
Iris Fanning, 
Coaching Leader

Please be sure to contact Iris BEFORE you pay so that we can receive your contact information.  Please call and email:  505-821-6018